Luxury Modern Home in Point Loma

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    Dave and Karen

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    Point Loma, San Diego, CA

We recently completed a luxury custom home near the water in Point Loma. This 2,400 square foot home, just two blocks from the water, has a very open floor plan with several indoor/ outdoor features making it the perfect summer home, or year-round home in San Diego! This home was technically a remodel, but after tearing down 90% of the previous dwelling, the house that went up has very little resemblance to its predecessor. Working with Steve Dalton Architects, the home owners made a house that fits their lifestyle, with a master shower that opens to the outside, a second-story sitting room that opens onto a deck overlooking the bay, and a living room that extends into the outdoor space. Multi-slide glass doors tuck away into the wall for a very open feel.

We loved working with Derks Construction while building our house. Travis and his subs worked hard to make the project as easy as possible for such a complex design.

Karen N.

Photos by Dave Ness

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